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The Untold Saga of Vikings

Vikings is a TV series aired on History channel and it follows the life of Vikings through the journey of Ragnar Lothbrok, the first Viking who sailed to England.  it’s a journey of a farmer who went on to become a legend. Ragnar Lothbrok was the first Viking to emerge from the Norse legend and became a God among the Vikings.


IMDB                      :   8.7/10

Rotten Tomatoes :   91% : 9.1/10

Promotion Timeline:

The Launch:

On 3rd March , 2013, History channel launched its most ambitious project till date with huge promotions . The Salient features were:

  • Billboards were put all across USA reading “The storm is coming on 3.3.13”
  • There was a review on io9 that “It was better than Game of thrones without the nudity”.
  • The Los Angeles Time calendar had a front page story about the launch of a new Tv series called “The Vikings”


  • The Vikings averaged 5 million viewers and helped push History Channel to #1 network television in cable for the month of March.
  • The first season of Vikings was voted as the No. 1 new TV series on Television with an average of 4.3 million viewers for each of its nine episodes.

After the successful inception of the inaugural season of Vikings there was a huge surge by the History channel in its promotion and marketing before the launch of the second season. The Budget was increased for Season 2 for both the production and its promotional Value.

Season 2:

  • History channel turned towards ESPN for help in order to increase the viewership for The Vikings. A full fledged advertisement was held on ESPN urging the viewers to watch Vikings. A replica of the Vikings ship was displayed at the annual Super bowl party of ESPN with drew hundreds of advertisers and media buyers which helped History channel to launch Season 2 of Vikings on a grand scale.

  • There was also a few funny TV spots which aired on ESPN featuring actors from the TV series- VIKINGS.

Vikings takes over Comic-Con with a Storm:

  • History’s channel Vikings won everyone’s heart over at comic-con with 12.2 million media impressions and 75 media hits.
  • There was a themed interactive area where the fans could participate in Viking themed boat-races , a feast and a photo booth. This event had a footfall of over 15000 and over 2500 fans participated in the race.

  • The fans were given special drinking horns while on board this ship and also special brewed beer.
  • There was also a panel for live Q&A with the press and autographs with the fans

Social Media Exploits

  • The Facebook page of Vikings has 4,317,792 likes.
  • The twitter page of Vikings has 403,261 likes.
  • Their Facebook Page is very active with active posts about the show every day even after the season break.
  • Their social media page also talks about the actual history of the Vikings and how the show is relatable to it.
  • The twitter page is also very active with daily posts with #Vikings.

History Channel Raids Social media

  • In 2015, History Channel decided to encourage fans to ransack Hash tags in true Vikings fashion.
  • There were mainly 3 popular hashtags to go hand in hand with Viking style raids:

First they attacked     : #MCM (Man Crush Monday)

Then they destroyed: #TBT (Throwback Thursday)

Lastly they took over :#Swag & #ReactionGIFs

  • Their goal was to use the hashtags and promote the season premiere of the Vikings.
  • The reach of this campaign was huge and it helped Vikings garner a huge pre-buzz among the fans.

Vikings promotion to woo Canadian visitors in Ireland

Ireland tourism has joined hands with Canadian tourism to promote Canadians for “Vikings adventure in Ireland”. The Show was shot in Ireland and Ireland tourism government saw this as an opportunity to promote tourism in Ireland and also promote the series in the process.

Promotions through Talk Shows:

  • In the recent years cast members have appeared in various morning shows and night shows to promote the series.

Other Promotion Strategies:

  • Competition Website: Players get a chance to win prizes by answering various questions about Vikings.
  • Interactive Games :

Email Blasts and E-signature


I would like to conclude our analysis by saying that Vikings is surely the best historical show on the television right now.  It gives us something which no other show out there can provide- knowledge about the past and how Vikings survived in the past. The following points should make you watch Vikings:

  • Ragnar Lothbrok is a character from our history about whom we should know.
  • The show is well-paced and there is not even a single moment of boredom.
  • This show shows us a clash between religion and politics which is quite synonyms with our times and we can learn a lesson or two from it.

So, Tune into History channel every Thursday to watch VIKINGS.

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