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RCB Marketing Strategies

The Royal Challengers Bangalore, one of the original eight teams in the IPL, the team has made three final appearances in the IPL, losing all of them. However that didn’t deter the fans’ belief and still people throng to the stadium just to see the men in action.

Be it celebrity attraction or just pure love for the game, the role of marketing is not to be undermined in the team’s fan base.

Digital Marketing

  • With 68K subscribers on YouTube, RCB launched the RCB Insider show, a web series that has uploaded around 16 hilarious inside view of RCB videos. The videos have been a massive hit especially the one featuring Virat Kohli has over 400 k views.
  • The players are very active in Twitter also, and RCB is one of the first teams that sported their twitter handles on the player’s jerseys.
  • Wi-Fi enabled stadiums so that fans can upload content directly into our RCB Live Stream on the website.
  • Re -launched app and website allowing fans away to view live updates of the game, acquire merchandise and understand upcoming fixtures.
  • Other portals of customer engagement
    • Radio tie up with Fever FM (Bangalore)

Advertising Spots

In 2014, Adam Silver contemplated the appearance of corporate logos on player’s jerseys. Now the statement is a reality, with the selling of “advertising space” on players’ jerseys becoming a highly sought after marketing technique. For eg, the 2013 jersey had

  • McDowell’s No 1 Soda- front of the jersey and headwear
  • Royal Challenge Sports Gear- top right chest position and back.
  • Kingfisher Mineral Water- lead arm
  • Pepsi- leading trouser leg position
  • Flying Machine- non-lead leg

 Customer Engagement

RCB Diva

Female fans share their love for the men in red, gold and blue. Many YouTube videos featuring RCB GO green Diva tips, fun videos with ABD, Ragini Singh, female fans from the stadium etc are constantly released to connect with the ladies all over the world.

RCB Insider

The #RCBInsider was born from the idea that video’s reach is better than other channels. The words of Mr.Rahul Sengupta, Account Manager at the digital agency working with RCB. “While we decided on the inside information concept, comedy in India was also booming. This is when we decided to bring a synergy between cricket and comedy.” Thus RCB Insider was born and celebrated J

AR Tickets

RCB listed as one of the pioneers to use Augmented Reality Tickets which provides fans with an all-round game experience, through the app, fans can access everything under the sun from, traffic updates, weather forecasts to parking spots, and other exciting features like a 3D stadium view along and the essential food and beverage access points.

Ask me anything

  • A team of 60 volunteers work all around the stadium engaging with the fans, clearing their doubts, directing them and also guiding them in case of queries.

Corporate Cricket Championship

It gives a chance for all the IT employees/ and other corporate workers to showcase their prowess in the game, by playing against each other as well as the RCB team in flesh

Touchpoints / Enhancing Experience

Cause Marketing

Green Match initiative

  • Paint the stadium green
  • Players use green Jerseys and free green Jerseys are distributed to all the spectators of the match
  • Special auction of green Jersey signed by the players
  • Match starts at 4 P. M. to save huge energy used to lit up the flood lights of the stadium

Planting Sapling Drive

  • Exchange of Sapling between captains during toss time before the start of a match
  • Planting sapling drive in local schools
  • Exchange of Sapling and merchandise with the dignitaries of London Olympics to promote RCB’s green initiative at a global level

Electric car and bike

  • @ RCB- 30 fans pledged for reductions achieved by the use of electric vehicles.
  • Switch over to CFLs initiative @ RCB
  • RCB subsidized prices of CFL (discount 35%)

Cycle Rally for Players RCB Cycle Rally Initiative RCB Cycle Rally Initiative

  • Zero Carbon Commute
  • Presented bicycles to fans inspiring them

BMTC Commute Arranged

  • BIG10 buses for travel to the matches Spectators need not bring their own vehicle Also did their bit to promote the Green Cause BMTC daily bus pass integration with CL20 Promoting the discounted RCB-BMTC Daily Passes


Thus RCB has been constantly reinventing fan engagement drives, tailored for every kind of fan that flocks to the stadium and beyond.  It has joined the bandwagon of a handful of sports clubs in the world, whose fan initiatives are driven by the aim to truly deliver unique experiences, second to none.

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