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McCafe creating ohh factor

Ohh, the attraction of all the bright colours and the beautiful people surrounded by these colours!

This is the first reaction any person has when they walk out of their homes today. I’m not talking about the people you sit with, eat with or talk to, but the ones who talk to you. The days of boredom that were once before can no longer be imagined: The boredom of being secluded. And this is because you actually can never be alone now. The billboards of different advertisements, people smiling in the posters while you sit and wait for the bus, talking to you through their still images, with the offers to keep you happy and satisfied.

Think of it yourselves. When was the last time you were aroused by these advertisements when you didn’t have a need for them?

Think about it this way, how many things do you own that are almost never used by you. Now think back, did you have need for it and then went on to find information about it, or did you get the information first and then buy it. (I’m sure it’s the latter one, but don’t be so hard on yourself, after all you only live once: the most you will remember. It’s al right to be human.)

Out of home advertisements are done for the very same reason. Create the need of the products. Let people know they can move ahead from their simple living: Live life, king size. Live in the same lavish manner. But this concept applies to even the little things that you wouldn’t even give a second thought to, From the little things like a simple Relaxo footwear that shows how even normal slippers can help you build an awesome social group, to the high end cars like Subaru that would make you stand out of the crowd again for not just the looks like it’s competitors, but for what cars are made for: the best engine. Everything is channeled towards just one thing- Being better by looking at how well others are doing and how even you can reach that dream place. Each banner, each poster, each car, each bus, each shop, each everything teaches you the path to become perfect in those special fields of not one product, but each of everything.

It’s even so surprising, to an extent even fascinating, how much these advertisements connect to us, more than the actual people around us. The other day, I and one of my friends had gone out for dinner, after which I got a craving for something sweet. So naturally I started Bugging my friend to take me somewhere good. He tried his level best to offer me all kinds of places and foods, but in vain. After much ado, we finally decided to try one of the donuts of Dunkin Donuts nearby and so halfheartedly we started on. Now the best thing happened on the way, as we were crossing a block, I saw this big poster Of Dangee Dums and its special cakes. Oh wow! But how can that be, I thought to myself, isn’t this exactly what I wanted. My happiness literally had no bounds. What my friend couldn’t help me with, this stand alone poster with its simple advertisement and just a few cake images told me. It told me what I myself did not know about me. That is the need and demand of out of home advertisement in today’s era. It’s both ways- We need and advertisements deliver.

This was just one story that changed my decision. The same way each person has her/his own story with many such similar posters, billboards, etc. today. These are the factors that determine the way of living and even the standard of living of almost each and every person.

But with all this advancement in technology, how can we leave the new era of OOH advertising behind. The new world says “DIGI” it. Digital outdoor advertising! Just like this competition of Digiscribe here, everything is going digital. Move faster, faster, keep moving faster: is the motto. In these new era billboards, the images keep changing (Dynamism can be everywhere in modern times) after a few seconds. Though this method has been questioned in many countries because of its glare that can damage the eyes, some countries like Brazil have even banned companies from using it. It is also compulsory to have light sensors to save people from that glare. But one thing still cannot be denied even after looking at these flaws, these do have style and leave you in awe whenever you see it: So simple yet so elegant. And this is the major ohh factor in this new era of OOH advertising.

But the main thing today is that these advertisements are not dependent on us, but we are on them. We cannot think of our lives without them, we need it to know, know about our surroundings, know about what would be better or worse for us, and all this finally would help us making the decision of completing ourselves with the best possible. And this gives us the factor of Ohh Yes!! The dream of fulfilling our needs is taking place at a fast pace, with the satisfaction of getting the best in terms of value for money and the best for what we work hard, everyday in our daily lives to survive the intense competition to reach the top.


  1. very insightful article. It happens with almost everyone out there that he sees some advertisment and feels craving for it. One of the major factor in Impulse purchases. Great work!

  2. Very nicely written article which is gripping throughout. I rarely read articles and very less completely but this one just gripped me. It happens with me many times, the impact OOH has is immensely great. Good work!!

  3. There is a famous quote on advertisement which says, “In advertising not to be different is virtually suicidal”, likewise the ohh factor in ooh advertisements are a must. Nice article. Worth reading.

  4. Refreshing post on OOH after a long time . Makes a compelling case for OOH as an effective medium creating demand particularly in today’s extremely short attention spans !

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  6. great work. I like the way you put your observations into words and explained marketing concepts from real life examples!!

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    Aptly written.. be it the introduction of the topic or the examples to support the same!! Good job!

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