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Marketing Strategy of “Breaking Bad”

Breaking Bad is such a TV series which is based on a very simple plot. A Chemistry teacher who is diagnosed lung cancer and he turns in to a giant drug dealer. The plot talks about how a bad and evil mind can be.

The main lead Bryan Cranston (Walter White), Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) leads the story in a very sharp way. The best marketing done by Breaking Bad’s crew is content marketing. Each and every episode of Breaking Bad ends with a twist, whether it is Jesse Pinkman getting killed or whether they are stuck in a bad situation all of that binds the audience.

Product Store:

Created an entire product store for Breaking Bad fans where a T-shirt with best dialogues can be found, mug, posters, books and a three foot tall Los Pollos Hermanos sticker for the wall.

AMC not only created the merchandising just for the show but for the show characters also, viewers can buy “Better Call Saul” business cards if as they figured out people are not only fan of the entire show but also various characters.

A1A car wash air fresheners to take out bags from a fictional chicken restaurant AMC didn’t lose any chance on marketing Breaking Bad based on its thrilling content.

Email Marketing:

vigorous email marketing campaign offering prizes, additional content pieces, news and highlights to get the email address of the mass. AMC never wanted Breaking Bad to exit as just a TV series it wanted it to become a brand and it did it beautifully by creating value.

#BBaddict  #breakingbad

#BBaddict is one campaign by AMC ran in order to reach their audience in terms of whatever they sell. The app allows the user to confess and answer some of the questions with a #BBaddict hashtags.

The trend of draw up list was very famous when finale was about to air. Breaking Bad saw this as an opportunity drew up some interesting list at the end of series, 10 things which you can do to prepare yourself for finale of #breakingbad

The trend of draw up list was very famous when finale was about to air. Breaking Bad saw this as an opportunity drew up some interesting list at the end of series, 10 things which you can do to prepare yourself for finale of #breakingbad

Saul Goodman was marketed in such a way that people remember calling Saul when they are in danger.

Created website for popularity of the lawyer Saul Goodman which contains cases by the lawyers and testimonials along with a cheesy intro performed by the character.

As the first season of series revolves around cancer, the website(  created by Walter White’s son Jr. Walter was helping the cancer society and was really working.

AMC also created Walter’s own blog for season 1 ( users could generate a personalized video message from Walt himself.

Digital Media

Important milestones of the series were posted as an event on Facebook. This helped the audience engage and reminded the fans about the date of broadcasts. The trend of draw up list was very famous when finale was about to air.

Engagement and Gamification: Breaking Bad: Empire Business

Whatever you do or sell it always makes sense to reach out to your advocates. AMC do this through a collection of content and a clever app which encourages self-confessed BB addicts to answer questions and share pictures and quotes from the show through the #bbaddict hashtag.

A mobile game based on the hit AMC television series, Breaking Bad, has been spotted on the Australian App Store.

“Breaking Bad: Empire Business unlocks your inner Heisenberg as you pursue the dark American dream. Choose your personal path to riches, power, and respect. Recruit your favorite characters from Breaking Bad, and outwit the DEA, the Cartel, and players from around the world. Build an empire one cook at a time; from small time operator to domination of the criminal underworld in the ‘Land of Enchantment.’


Digital Reach through Facebook App

Ralph created the Breaking Bad Facebook app which allowed fans to create a cover photo or profile photo with their name which was then inserted with different Periodic Table chemical elements to look similarly to that of the original Breaking Bad logo. Each photo also contains

#AllBadThingsMustComeToAnEnd in reference to the grand season finale of Breaking Bad. Therefore spreading the excitement of Breaking Bad’s app via other social media platforms.

The results were successful:  there were approximately 4.1 million interactions by almost 800,000 people.

The social media hype about Breaking Bad continued during the grand finale of the show which produced 1.2 million tweets, according to Entertainment Weekly and generated 5.5 million Facebook updates and comments.


This TV series has won many awards including Primetime Emmy awards, Satellite Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Peabody Awards and many more.

36 thoughts on “Marketing Strategy of “Breaking Bad”

  1. A well thought of and smartly executed Marketing campaign where target user group engagement was ensured across digital media & social media platform which aided in gaining a distinctive & popular status for the T. V. Drama Series.

  2. Very great article, such a in depth content with very good research work. Graphics used are very relative with great creativity. I think people will love this as it is a favorite series of many people.

  3. Yo.. My favorite TV series. It’s different feeling to see how the had marketed the brand. I think people are still awaiting to see their Hero Walter White. And Jesse pinkman was too fucked up in last episode.

  4. Every episode of this Series was generating a great level of curiosity. Story was so simple but the character of this series were damn so great. It was proper justice with the story line. Marketing of ” I am the one who knocks the door” is still famous.

  5. Amazing work guys..
    A very nice season to be talked about…
    Great work
    Excellent market analysis for the show and great story line…
    Love to see this again

  6. Very interesting. It covers all the major aspects of marketing while keeping theme of Breaking Bad at its core. Truly a holistic perspective of Breaking Bad. Cheers.

  7. One of the most followed TV series of all time. I have been waiting for the next season, it’s still a mystery Heisenberg will be back or not. Beautifully wrapped the marketing strategy in the article. Proper structure. A great Thumbs up! 🙂

  8. It’s interesting to see how this series is picked up to draw a nice marketing strategy. The concept of content marketing was good.

    Cheers to you guys!

  9. A great article covered everything beautifully. You guys did a great job. Especially the store part was efficient. I want such more articles from you regularly to increase my knowledge.

  10. A great effort in combining traditional and the digital marketing means for promoting the series. Various product categories are also catered to which is a commendable effort and very well thought after.

  11. I think digital marketing could be th reason of success of this series. And marchaendises too. Though characters were too great. Justified the theme.

  12. Cool stuff. Wasnt knowing amc does these all. AMC ‘s walkkng dead is also good season. You guys work on that too. Btw this one is also good.
    Keep it up.

  13. Any kind of publicity is a good publicity, the concept of the series where the protagonist and antagonist are the same saw a huge viewer base. The morally gray characters are much easily related to than pure white and black.

    Since the viewer base of this series is across the globe the demand from branded merchandise and gameplays is huge too, there was always a secondary market for the series. Thus its just a matter of making the product available in the brownfield areas. Good work has been done by the team in analyzing that.

    Extensive digital marketing seems like the way to go.

  14. Amaizing article!!
    Beautifully wrapped the marketing strategy in the article. Well researched and great work guys.
    You guys showed totally a different perspective.
    Keep it up!

  15. Walter white’s wife was bitch, She didn’t care about his work which he was doing for the family. Marketing content is good.

  16. Content is good. I think you could have done better by creating your own campaign. Though though process is good.

  17. Breaking Bad!!
    My fav character Jesse Pinkman , although in whole series he was a disaster for the Walter white but in some scenes he has done an amazing job!
    Nice marketing ideas, well done!!

  18. Content Is good. Wasn’t kowing AMC had done these many things for promotions. Loved to know game is also there.

  19. I felt sorry for Hank. That man was really a good person for his family as well as for Walter Whitr Jr. End of the season was bad. We will miss Walter white. Jesse pink man was saved at last. Hope to see the season soon.

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