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How the Dark Knight Rose ~ Marketing Strategy of Batman!

So if you go to my Instagram or snapchat account you will find names like BATMAN_CHIC or BATMAN4EVR…Yes I am a crazy batman fan and I can binge watch the tri-series in one single night. Yes, he’s definitely my knight in the shining armor, and who wouldn’t like his knight in a mettle black batmobile. Batman gives me everything all at once, action, romance, suspense and not to forget JOKER. I’m a core Kotler “bhakt” and nothing in this world can stop me from drooling over marketing. Therefore, I could not resist having some marketing ideas for batman, hence this article.

Batman, Batman Everywhere!

Batman tees jackets sweatpants…yeah all that is for real. Batman has been merchandising heavily and has been seen everywhere for a long time. People have been obsessed with batman merchandise and couldn’t actually resist buying it. From pillow covers to mobile covers people drooled over batman stuff. Merchandising batman was one marketing strategy which helped batman gain the popularity, it always wanted. Wearing or carrying batman, made everyone feel like a hero and those who did not know about batman, it made them definitely curious.

Batman in Me!

People generally tend to forget things very quickly but batman has stayed with us for 75 long years and for all these years we have drooled and loved him with every inch we have and that is because batman wants me to become a better person each day. He makes me believe that for being a superhero all you need to be is a nice human being. Every person, he may be of any age, is his own batman. It is very important to connect with the emotions of your customers and DC got that fact very well, and hence batman in everyone. Also the soft corner of the audience was awaken using the fact that Bruce Wayne was an orphan and was brought up by his butler. Also how Gotham was devastated due to crimes was seen as creating some buzz and thereafter a TV series called Gotham.

Who does not Love Comics?

When I hear about comics, it takes me down to a memory lane. It makes me recall all those comics I had read as a child. One marketing strategy undertaken by DC was starting the batman comics. Comics have pictures and are much more relatable than anything else. Comics make you visualize stories better and comics are super fun, aren’t they?


A few days back a friend gave me a batman minion and it made me happy. It is always fancy to know how the combinations of some of your favorite characters come out to be. Batman never fails to experiment with different things. Be it a batman minion or batman v/s superman, batman is always in action. Also Batman vs Superman was a bold step in the branding of both the heroes. Since both of them are idolized, a rivalry between is something people wanted to watch, and hence the popularity of batman reached all new heights.

Eat Batman, Drink Batman

Batman has been an icon for people since decades and people have incorporated batman whenever it has been possible. There have been cafes of batman around the world where there are batman themed dishes and drinks. This definitely makes me realize how falling in love with batman is inevitable. This made people connect with batman at a whole new level.

Though batman did not have any superpowers like Superman or Ironman but still has been the most popular superhero amongst all. The reason behind it was the normality that existed around batman. Although, the flashy gadgets and the powerful characters have a big hand in the popularity of batman but the connectable story, the screenplay, the introduction of many characters was one of the many reasons for the success of batman.

Flashy Gadgets!

In the world of technological disruptions, who doesn’t like to see some awesome gadgets being shown? No matter how much impossible the gadgets may appear but they are of course, delight to the heart. Batman has been using some Oh! So crazy gadgets all through the triology which the youth went all gaga about. It has been dreams of so many youngsters to use those gadgets and hence batman had an altogether different connect with the youth.

If at all I could meet the makers of Batman then I would ask them to have a day dedicated to Batman or a theme park dedicated to Batman. How amazing it would be to have awesome different batman things and experiences. Batman has taught us various things, it has inspired us to fight back the evil and be your own hero. It tells us that even when everything goes wrong, you have to put your pieces together. Batman fan forever!


2 thoughts on “How the Dark Knight Rose ~ Marketing Strategy of Batman!

  1. BATMAN is seriously a good comic and better movie character than superman, at least for me. I am convinced that BATMAN captured a huge market but the same strategy was adopted by superman, spiderman, hulk or even by shaktimaan. A win-win strategy for both businessman and customer.

  2. This article has astonished me as to how a superhero can be a marketeer. A very nice piece of work. Good job Guys!

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