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Marketing strategy of Baba Ramdeva: From YogaGuru to Powerful Business Magnate

You do not need deep pockets, family business or a well known MBA degree to run a 5000 crore gigantic organization. Ram dev Baba, the popular yoga guru and the owner of well recognized Patanjali group has made it true with his disruptive model in FMCG business. Starting as a yoga guru, no one would have ever thought that one day he would pose a threat to the foreign players in FMCG sector but today he is the hot topic of the discussion among the top notch business arena. It is a matter of great surprise to many as how he succeeded in challenging big FMCG brands and made them run for the money. Simplicity and traditional swadeshi solution is the ornament of Ramdev Baba and using this he has now become a household name of trust today. He is more of an icon and the ambassador for his own venture. With around 5000 retail stores selling more than 477 products, Patanjali has gained a market share of more than 4.5% and a profit 0f 1200 crores in fiscal year 2014.

Baba Ramdeva’s example is one of the perfect examples of rags to riches as he started his journey as yogaguru teaching to couple of students. He then started organizing yoga camps in various cities and villages for free of cost which gave him a very positive response. His yoga tricks worked extremely well and cured the pain of numerous patients which helped him to establish a sense of trust in Indian people. He then appeared on ashtha channel in yoga series and such other shows every morning which made him a popular yogaguru in the country.

The Marketing of Patanjali and its success till date is all a one man show, as the victory of BJP is due to PM Narendra modi, the success mantra of patanjali is Baba ramdeva’s charisma and influence over the Indian citizens. As a brand ambassador of Patanjali group, Baba does need no introduction as he has already occupied the place of most successful and spiritual yogaguru in the hearts of Indian people. Baba ramdeva is even considered as a youth icon of swadeshi movements against foreign companies today and became India’s swadeshi FMCG baron

Many debates today, some of his success, some of his good work and many of his business acumen which made Patanjali what it is today. Ramdeo Baba, a yogaguru and a businessman transformed the minds of many Indians by educating them about ayurveda and communicating the benefits of yoga and ayurvedic medicines. His selling point is being national, being organic, being aurvedic, being unadulterated, being cheap. He found the sweet spot of Indians which none of the other companies did. He connected the Indian consumers with the emotional attachment of make in India products and urged his followers to show their patriotism by buying products from the companies that are fully Indian-owned. This has always been at the centre of his marketing strategies along with pricing which flooded Indian market with cheap and easily affordable daily use products ranging from tooth paste to wheat flour.

His success story has many facets but the most important is the way he understood the market and catered their needs successfully. His focus was on making a community ready to accept his products which he created with the help of his knowledge of yoga. He builds a sense of trust in the minds of large masses of Indians and then supplied the market with organic products which were readily accepted. Even before the launch of Patanjali, he had a huge number of followers who benefited from his teachings of yoga and ayurveda. He established the brand as a trusted name for organic products and supplied the purest form of daily use products. He understood the importance of a strong foundation in building of an organization and thus first focused on creating a strong acceptance of his teachings and products. He brought the concept of “Swadeshi” and encouraged the people to buy products prepared in the purest possible form.

He holds a strong expertise in all the products provided by Patanjali. He can amaze anyone one with the depth knowledge he has of his products as well as of the market which he caters. He also knows the importance of a competent workforce in organizations and thus incorporates a strong criterion for hiring of employees and hires those who are the experts of their field just to have a highly educated team working for the up gradation of the supplied products.

He knows the importance of personal touch and social connections and thus uses modern technology extremely well and knows the importance of social media in communicating ideas to the masses. He has more than 500 thousand followers on twitter that he keeps engaged with regular updates and replies. He actively takes part in all the activities and movements conducted by the youth and society and thus keep involving with people.

No business can run without a social cause and a strong network of politics. The primary aim of his business as showcased by Baba is welfare of the people and his sales pitch of yoga and ayurveda helped him to leverage his business with its alternative traditional natural solutions. He also has strong political contacts not only with the saffron party but also with other national parties and ministers as well. The yoga guru’s reach is enviable, actors, politicians and businessman they are just a call away. Clearly in today’s scenario Baba Ramdev is India’s most watched yoga guru with an FMCG model that directly connects the masses and able to influence their thoughts, taste, habits, hearts, mind and skin tones.

20 thoughts on “Marketing strategy of Baba Ramdeva: From YogaGuru to Powerful Business Magnate

  1. The way he markets his products as totally herbal is misleading. We cannot make purely herbal soaps,toothpastes,shampoos etc. Moreover,most of Patanjali’s products are other companies’ products being sold under Patanjali label which is playing with consumer’s loyalty and faith.

  2. Given the search for the elusive low cost ,organic products by the health conscious youth this country have read immense benefits for Patanjali.

  3. The way Patanjali has penetrated in the FMCG market gradually it will overpower the entire product lines of Big FMCG giants

  4. I myself got benefited from patanjali products. Cannot say about authenticity of all products but they can be relatively trusted.. and yes great work..

  5. Great analysis on that… True it is.. you don’t need deep pockets or anything to create something big.. just have to know.. what is good for market at a right time.. and start doing it. . .. very well written.

  6. A well framed article to depict the success story of yoga guru turned business man, Ramdev Baba. This article is very informative and reveals many stories of Babaji. Good job. Keep it up.

  7. Extraordinary investigation on that…exceptionally elegantly composed. To make something important.. simply need to know.. what is useful for market at an opportune time.. what’s more, begin doing it. . ..

  8. I too got benefited from patanjali items. Can’t say in regards to realness of all items yet they can be generally trusted. You have done a great job. The article is very informative.

  9. We is not possible to make absolutely home grown soaps and shampoos. The way he advertises his items as absolutely home grown is deluding. However,most of Patanjali’s items are products of other organizations which are being sold under Patanjali brand.

  10. Patanjali items are famous on the grounds that on multiple occassions they works. Don’t think about their inward stuffs however, how they fabricate and so on.

  11. They can do something it is possible
    But how long they will be able to go. Path ahead them is not good.people will understand the meaning of quality. They will realize

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