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Marketing Movies Using Social Media

In the last few years, marketing has substantially changed. The advent of social media drives and the sponsored content has emerged as one of the most accepted and favoured avenues to get the prospective customers. Also, the economic benefit it carries along was able to successfully tap a larger market. This innovation even being the new trend, the capacity of the market is inclining towards being saturated. Hence, it is highly recommendable and advisable for the companies to cut out through the most innovative way of marketing.


In the traditional way, companies used to develop the product and then design the strategies to launch the same. With the changing time, companies continue with product development and marketing strategy in parallel. From the inception of product development, the marketing team drafts the blueprint to have the leverage over others. The biggest all-time example of a company which had embraced disruptive marketing with all heart successfully is Apple. People reluctant to buy complete album of singers were the first to be benefitted with Apple’s innovative approach to selling single track based on the preferences. On the flip side, Kodak once being the 4th most valuable company across the Globe ended being bankrupt. The lucid rationale behind the same was the unawareness and non-acceptance of the fact that camera films becoming obsolete. Changing business model was the call of the hour. Given the current trend and changing nature of businesses, all companies must inculcate the need to use disruptive marketing. Currently, the technology industry is the most eminent business using the same. The basic prerequisite for incorporating this conviction is to be accommodating and enthusiastic about changing the infrastructure if required. The introductory or fundamental step is to convince each member of the company to believe in the brand perception. Following, the relevant current data about the target and the aspiring market is to be gathered correctly as this will lead the marketers to initiate a strategy using the effective modes of communication. Once launched the approach needs to be refined as and when required.

  • Film Marketing Tricks

Promoting movies through traditional ways, like posters and trailers in the cinema halls is no more as impactful as it was considered earlier. Filmmakers these days come up with innovative ideas for movie promotion. These marketing tricks are catchy and attract maximum attraction of targeted audience. This is of utmost importance because marketing and creating awareness are biggest factors for a movie to be successful. Hence, film promotion is now a fully grown business looked forward by many as a career.

  • Newer channels

Nowadays, the major portion of promoting activities have now moved from platforms like television, movie halls, newspapers, magazines, etc. to online sites which include social media, game applications, etc. One of the examples is the promotion of the movie Chennai Express where posters were realized in multiple languages across major online sites to attract audiences from different regions. Also, a game based on the lines of the movie was launched which was made available on android as well as java phones.

  • Using Social Media

Social media is a platform through which filmmakers can connect with maximum target audience because of its wider reach. The most widely used social media includes Facebook and Twitter. Of late, the film starts have also started participating in the film promotion activities using the social media. They connect with their fans and share images, videos, behind the scenes moments or even their thoughts related to their upcoming movies to create an anxiety among the social media users. Many online contests are conducted which give an opportunity to the participants to interact with the film starts which is a way of gaining the attention of the large crowd. This information in turn, go viral on the internet and create a huge buzz and anticipation for the movie.

  • Typical Examples

The movie Paranormal Activity used Facebook as the platform to attract the audiences and generate fan requests for the movie. Being a low budget movie, this strategy of marketing proved very profitable for the Paramount pictures which later became a Box Office hit. Even movie tickets are now sold directly through Facebook, like in the case of Toy Story 3. In doing so, one can invite her or his friends as well for the movie.

  • Out of the box Ideas

These movie marketing strategies aim at attracting maximum eyeballs and does so by publicity stunts. The movie trailers are uploaded on YouTube and are played before the beginning of the viewer’s actual video. These trailers usually end with options for the viewers to either share the video on social media, enter into a contest to win movie tickets or play an online game or an opportunity to attend movie’s promotional event in their city.

Hashtags are a way of creating a buzz on Facebook and becoming a trending topic. Hashtags are used to promote the movie which may carry the dialogues of the movie or any popular song from it. Other upcoming social networks include Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine which are strong platforms for marketing of movies.


The new forms of marketing necessitate more of creativity rather than cost. These new techniques include Persona marketing, using memes, Facebook advertising to name a few. If applied with the right mix and in the right time can fetch a higher return and the films shall embrace success.

366 thoughts on “Marketing Movies Using Social Media

  1. Good to read. Important to mention one of the viral social media marketing campaigns by 20th century Fox for the movie Deadpool. It’s classic example of how much creative, apt and in time a campaign can be and have to be for being successful.

  2. Social media can also introduce technologies for such promotions and in a way generate revenue for the same by charging commission

  3. Also add about its impact on the traditional marketing approach in terms of revenue, profits and sunk costs, if any

  4. Digital media marketing can also be considered under the same umbrella of disruptive marketing due to its large effect on marketing trends.

  5. That’s why Chennai Express earned that much revenue. All the Rajini Fans, come on hit the trend.

  6. Awareness and publicity is most important for a film’s success otherwise even best film fail to become a hit. So even I agree that disruptive marketing is a must in this area for creating maximum awareness.

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