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Rules and Regulations


  1. The team can consist of minimum 1 and maximum 4 members.
  2. The Niche team will be providing a certain number of categories which would be open to every team.
  3. Every team must pick a title that their post would be about from one of these categories and would have to send it over by email to for approval.
  4. Once we approve the title the team can start working on the content and submit by, 4th February 2017.
  5. The post should be a minimum of 800 words.
  6. The post should be completely unique i.e. no copyright infringement. This means that the article should be completely plagiarism free.
  7. You have to provide at least 1 Image relevant to the post itself (720px in width and 340px in height). The Image should not be copyrighted already i.e. it should be original.
  8. Hyperlinks to any other website will not be entertained.





  1. Marketing Strategy of a Politician.
  2. Marketing Strategy of a Superhero (Eg. Batman, Superman).
  3. Marketing Strategy of a Sports Club.
  4. Marketing Strategy of a Country
  5. Marketing Strategy of a TV Series.

You can pick any Politician, Superhero, Sports Club, Country or TV Series of your choice and elaborate on the marketing strategies used by them. The article should be based on your understanding of their strategies.

The Titles will be finalized on first come first serve basis.




  • 1st February 2017 (2359hrs) – Last date for Registration and Blog Post Title submission

As soon as you register for the event you can send us the title of your blog post on We will approve this title within 12 hours.

  • 4th February 2017 (2359hrs) – Last date for Article Submission
  • 7th February (0000hrs) – 13th February (2359hrs) –Promotion of the blog posts
  • 14th February 2017 (2359hrs) – Result Declaration



*Although we do not have a very stringent criterion over the selection of the blog title and post; however, we can ask you to make some changes in the post in order to meet some criteria for the blog.

**We hold the rights to the blog post and might edit some part of the content for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), although we will give you due credit for writing the same.



Scoring Criteria


Content and Quality of the Article – 50% Weightage

Promotion of the Article – 50% Weightage

  • Your content will be given a score out of 50.
  • The total points that your team will score in promotion will be equated out of 50 keeping the Maximum Points scored as basis for full score.


Eg. Maximum Points scored are 10,000 by Team A. Team B scores 5000 points. Team B’s score in the promotion round will be calculated as follows :-

  • 5000/10000 * 50  =  25


Points Table for Promotion

Platform Point Weightage/Unit
Marketrump Unique Visits 1 point / Visit
Comment 3 Points/Comment
Email 5 Points/ Email
Inbound Links Mozrank between 5-8 50 points/ Link
Mozrank above 8 80 Points/ Link
Facebook Photo Likes 1 point/ Like
Photo Shares 2 points/Share
Twitter Tweet Like 1 point/ Like
Retweets 2 Points/ Retweet


Blog Post Writing


Recommendations for the post:

  1. Write an introduction and concluding Paragraph about the topic.
  2. Talk about what your topic is about in the first paragraph.
  3. Provide a few clear headings
  4. Try to keep the form at in list/bullet form.
  5. Try and make sure there are no grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  6. Don’t use too many jargons and hi-fi language.
  7. Include a few relevant images.


Evaluation Criteria for the post:

  1. Uniqueness of the Content
  2. Writing quality of the Content
  3. Context and how related the topic is to the title
  4. Flow of the post and relevance in today’s time
  5. Readability i.e. how reader friendly is the post (for example readers prefer to read the content with lists or bullets, short & easy to understand sentences etc.).
  6. Creativity
  7. Context, quality & creativity of the image
  8. Overall impact on the reader





Unique views on post:

  • You will have to market the post in such a way that it gains maximum unique views i.e. views from distinct individuals.
  • There will be a unique view display (Total Unique views and Daily Unique views) at the bottom of each Blog post. Total Unique views will be counted at the end of the Promotion Round.

Comments on the post:

  • The Comments should provide an insight into the topic
  • Only 1 comment per user would be considered for evaluation.
  • Team members can comment or reply to other’s comments but those comments would not be counted for evaluation.
  • The comments should not contain any derogatory tone or foul language.
  • The comment should contain at least 20 words.
  • The comments are subject to the moderator’s approval. (This is on the complete discretion of the Niche team and any decision made by them would be final and binding)


  • Email subscription widget is placed on the right hand sidebar of the blog. There the subscriber would have to provide their Email address, First Name, Last Name, and Reference (i.e. the team that has referred them to subscribe on Marketrump).
  • Every unique email address would fetch points.
  • No fake email ids would be considered for evaluation.



Inbound Links

An inbound link is a link coming from another website to your blog post’s URL.

For example there is a website called which in one of its blog posts inserts a link to a blog post on Marketrump which is

  • The inbound link should be from a Blog.
  • The reference to your article should be relevant.
  • The Mozrank of the website should be at least 5. (MozRank represents a link popularity score. It reflects the importance of any given web page on the Internet. Pages earn MozRank by the number and quality of other pages that link to them. The higher the quality of the incoming links, the higher the MozRank)

 If your team creates an Inbound Link, inform us via email.



  • We would be sharing the image every team has used in their blog post along with the title and the link of the post on the Marketrump page. (
  • Every team has to try and get the maximum likes and shares on the Image and points would be awarded accordingly.



  • We would be tweeting your link along with the title of your article on our Twitter account (
  • You have to get likes and retweets on the link and points would be awarded accordingly.



Prize Money


1st – Rs. 20,000

2nd – Rs. 12,000

3rd – Rs. 8,000