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The Czar of the Russian Bear

“I have a feeling that I’ll get everything I want”

Who else in the political arena other than the macho man himself can pull off a bold statement like this! The enigma surrounding this personality and the “Putin Paradox” has fascinated the entire world. His persona clearly reflects Batman’s Secretiveness, Superman’s manliness, Ironman’s invincibility and Captain America’s leadership which has made him the buzz of the town.  Let us now explore the stratagem of this “Marketing genius”.

News Junkie

The elaborate usage of media and resources by Putin, since he has come into power, has increased his visibility on various media platforms. His controversial statements, conservative approach, passing of anti-liberal laws, accusations against him such as vote-rigging at elections ,invasion of countries like Georgia and Ukraine  out of the league actions for the people of Russia such as co-piloting fire- fighting aircraft  to rescue the victims, has made him one of the most regarded and popular political personalities. He also from time to time has been in news for his alleged affairs with a Russian spy and a former Olympic Gymnast. He firmly believes in “Whoever owns the media controls what it says”.

Herculean Man

The titles of “Person of the Year” in 2007  by Times Magazine and “The world’s most powerful man” by Forbes from 2013 to 2016 has portrayed him as a leader of great impact.

Social Media

His extensive use of influencer marketing on prominent social media platforms has worked to his advantage .The regular posts on Twitter and Facebook about his visits across countries, telephonic conversations with his political counterparts, meetings and his public addresses has helped him seek traction to his social media presence.

Two Sides of the Coin

He has created a different image in his home country and to the rest of the world. In Russia due to his maximum reach through varied communication media he is held high while to the rest of the world he has been perceived as a renegade.

The ‘PUTIN’ Brand

Putin’s name and image has been used to advertise several products in Russia such as T-shirts, PuTin canned fruits, Putinka vodka and Gorbusha Putinka caviar. Rarely, would someone in Russia not wish to have Putin’s souvenirs, Putin being one of the biggest brands in himself.

Putin has also been featured as a hero in an online comic series named “Superputin” in which he has been highlighted as a fighter against terrorism.


In the year 2003 the above lyrical song was performed by a Russian pop-girl duo. This song painting a picture of Putin as a ‘desired boyfriend’ by the women had got million likes on Youtube in just two days.

Putin Letter
Putin Letter


He never misses on giving sound-bites in his speeches which have been popularised as Putinisms. Also certain phrases used by him on media such as “shearing a pig “, which he used on the topic of extradition of Edward Snowden has caught attention among the audience.

The Putin Talkies

A good number of 13 films have been made about him so far, out of which 12 are documentaries and one is a feature film.

Vladimar Vogue

A luxurious Putin-themed Apple watch was designed by an Italian-Russian fashion jewellery brand worth $3,073 (197,000 roubles) . From being an ardent lover of wildlife to his passion for sports and music, he has depicted himself as a person of myriad interests. He has been actively involved in martial arts, biking and Formula one racing. His love for music has been observed in the various musical performances of jazz and piano in star studded nights.

Off the Mark Ideology Becoming a Tactic

The anti-liberalist firmly believes in the traditional values imbibed in the Russian culture. He is known for starting a “conservative revolution”. The Russian media has recognized Putin is as “the saviour of the decadent West.” He, himself, has proclaimed in one of the speeches that the orthodox Russian values serve as a defence against the West’s “so-called tolerance — genderless and infertile”. He promoted Communism in 1999 as a blind alley distant from the mainstream of civilisation.


This catchy headline of CNBC has gathered attention across the world due to the recent admiration of Putin by the recently elected President of the United States of America.

Peculear Putin

Where on one hand he is secretive about his family matters on the other strangely he has explicitly declared his separation from his wife in front of the whole nation.

The President was also in the news for carrying his dog to a meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel to intimidate her. However, later on he clarified that he had no such intention.

Putin-A Conundrum

Throughout the world several political analysts have tried to understand the moves of Putin. However none has been able to unfold the mysteries underlying this unfathomable personality. It is either The Almighty or Putin himself who knows Putin.

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