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“The Single Mother” -The political marketing of J. Jayalalithaa as Amma

The story of the rise of the beautiful south indian actress Jayalalithaa as a formidable political icon is also a story of brilliant political marketing. Puratchi Talaivi Selvi J. Jayalalithaa, the revolutionary leader as she is called, carved out her political brand image as Amma, the caring, generous and loving mother. The self proclaimed political […]

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The Czar of the Russian Bear

“I have a feeling that I’ll get everything I want” Who else in the political arena other than the macho man himself can pull off a bold statement like this! The enigma surrounding this personality and the “Putin Paradox” has fascinated the entire world. His persona clearly reflects Batman’s Secretiveness, Superman’s manliness, Ironman’s invincibility and […]

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