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The Bald Man And His Breed!

Imagine you are sitting in a room facing 3 guys who are questioning your existence and hurling every possible abuse at you but you still try to impress them! Sounds funny?

Let’s move a step ahead if they like you, they will send you off with another 10-12 people on a journey full of emotional, physical and mental tests which “claims” to change your life.Sounds familiar now? Back in 2003 one such show came into existence which gave reality tv series a new cult, a new brand a new identity- MTV ROADIES!

MTV Roadies became “the dream” every youth wanted to achieve in his life.Bikes, adventure, drama, money, and popularity –having the right mix of every element Roadies moved on to become the number ONE reality show in India having the huge audience base and winning the Most Social TV show Award by Mashable(the oscar of tv series) in the year 2012.Till now 13 successful seasons have been telecasted and in the coming days, we will be witnessing the Roadies X4.

What makes such a wacky show full of insanity and abuses the center of the universe for the Indian youth?Is it really the show or the team behind it which works 24*7 diligently to make sure it never fades away from the life of the youngsters?

We have heard of emotional quotient, intelligence quotient, and mental quotient but the magic behind the success of MTV Roadies is Interaction Quotient.

Back To Beginning !

Right from the days when it was launched, the team had made sure the show is not just a regular TV show fitted into one-hour time slot but becomes a part of the life of the audience and follows them wherever they go.In 2003 when MTV aired the first season, there were no major marketing channels available like today.Internet was new and evolving and only 1.7% of the total population were Internet Users.The team had no challenge of creating content.They were creating content on the go.Shooting every moment, every reaction and plethora of drama and action it was tough for them to squeeze it all in one hour show.This gave them the chance of hooking up the audience throughout the week by way of

  • Audition special episodes
  • Uncensored clips(most liked for obvious reasons)
  • Removed scenes

And other such uploads on YouTube in the form of webisodes every day to keep the youth entertained.

With the launch of the 8th season, they started digital marketing with Orkut, the then famous social networking site.They encourage the target audience to perform a set of task, upload them and get a chance of direct entry.This gave the youth a platform to show their talent and get popularity.Who doesn’t like to be famous ? and this strategy worked wonders further increasing the viewers and popularity.


The platform which made Roadies the cult show is Facebook! By 2008 the teenagers and young adults have developed the love for the social networking site and even formed fan-pages of Roadies.

The team picked up the idea and one month before the launch of 8th Season the most popular “MTV Roadies-official fan page ” came into existence.The marketing team tapped the nerves of the target audience.They followed the audience where ever they go!The internet addiction had started seeping in and Roadies was already a brand.The presence of a super-active Facebook page connected the dots and there was no looking back.The digital campaign did every possible thing like

  • Uploading the episodes on page
  • Live chats with Ranvijay and Raghu Rajeev
  • Posts from the anchors Raghu and Rajeev
  • Motivational pictures with Ranvijay to encash the female fans base
  • Polls and City Tours
  • Online competition like uploading videos, pictures with Roadies merchandise quizzes etc
  • Rewarding the loyal audience with prizes from sponsors

They posted albums having more than 3 pictures in order to generate more number of clicks,smart bunch of people aren’t they ?They even launched a mobile game named “MTV Roadies Battleground” where the youth can perform similar tasks as in the show format and upon successful completion becomes a contender for the prize.

By keeping the viewers involved and conducting competitions the marketing team made the viewers feel important and heard.The 400-500 comments on posts show the eagerness of being heard and sharing an opinion.

Not just Facebook – Youtube, Twitter and live chats along with the promotion helped in content modification based upon the responses.

In order to keep the Interaction Quotient high, the YouTube videos were made available in regional languages too.

The smart integration of TV, outdoor, websites, mobile and digital platforms keeps the viewers hooked with the show in even offseasons.

The aggressive taglines, bikes, rude behavior and everything rough added machismo in the show which became the USP and marketed the show as the “must see” as well as “dream to be”.


As the dedicated team prepares to launch yet another successful season they have started connecting with the viewers by launching #RBG2017 ( trending on Twitter).The bald man and his breed have the magic wand of success in their hands all is needed is IQ from our side. So if you are stylish enough, entertaining enough, strong enough to be the next Roadie the time is ticking! #RoadiesRising

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  1. Good one. Summarizing all those years and its marketing techniques. I’m in love with the title though. 😛

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