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America and the world of 21st Century

If you google what marketing strategy is you will come across a lot of bewildering definitions, perhaps in the context of a nation and its notion around the world, the simplest meaning one can derive is a plan of action designed to promote its culture and to keep its positive image afloat.

Now in the information age we live today its often the side which has the better story not the side with a bigger army qualifies to become a successful brand, the current fascination of U.S. election brought America a great deal of attention and admiration for what it reveals about U.S. to the rest of the world, be it electing a black, first-term senator, son of a African immigrant, half-Muslim Former President Barack Hussain Obama or electing a candidate with zero political experience Donald Trump, every election held in U.S. left an impression about U.S. being a land of openness and opportunity to the rest of the planet.

The fact that U.S. holds more than 40% of global wealth allows U.S. to financial foreign aids, country’s such as Afghanistan, Israel and large part of Africa (such as South Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda) receives American aid almost every year. These foreign aids further embolden the image of U.S. being a rich nation trying to rescue the poorest economies and helping them to keep afloat, the idea of cracking the whip on Saddam Hussain and Gaddafi thus establishing democratic systems in these country further advocates the goodwill of U.S. to reach out the people suffering half the world away. Not just funding other countries, the U.S. also funds almost half of the United Nations budget every year.

The visits by the U.S. presidents made in every presidential terms played a significant role in promoting U.S, be it president Obama visiting Afghanistan and Germany before his second term and addressing the public in front of their monuments, there openness to all sort of questions and answering them with wit and charm has, so far, worked for the America to be an embodiment of uniqueness and openness.

Notwithstanding American critics, America has been able to manage positive global image, so far U.S. has been able to maintain special relationships with major players so far (except China and Russia) be it military, financial, cultural and political relationships, whereas in the developing world America’s soft power such as U.S. lifestyle of wearing levis Jeans and eating at MacDonald’s and KFCs has done far more to promote U.S. in the developing world, the much talked about notion of 1980’s “American dream” has also promoted United states as a land where everyone wants to go and live a fairy-tail life.

With almost 60% of world’s population supporting U.S. international strategy and favour U.S. diplomacy, as per surveys, it is clear that by and large U.S. has marketed itself well over the past decades, this perception might change with Trump’s presidency, but as Philip Kotler says “Perception only changes to a limit” thus U.S. is going to be epitome of what they were demonstrating so far.

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